The InDesign Ideabook:
Hundreds of hours of setup, page layout, and formatting you need not repeat—$59.95

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We all know the feeling: deadlines loom and the heat is on. Do you really need to spend time starting every project from scratch? With The InDesign Ideabook you start your projects with most of the work already done.

The idea is simple. Modifying a well-designed template is far easier than starting from scratch. With the ideabook, you tap the talents of designer and author Chuck Green. He has researched, designed, and meticulously formatted over 300 extraordinary layouts in a clean, simple style that it easy to build on.

The InDesign Ideabook lets you breeze through time-consuming document setup and get right to the important stuff. Instead of spending 15 minutes to create a simple layout, you'll spend 15 seconds. For complex projects—books, newsletters, catalogs, reports—you'll save HOURS.

Here's what you get:

ideabook templates highlighter1. The CD-ROM with 315 template files in 19 different categories Everything from brochures, newsletters, and direct mail to packaging, calendars, and books (listed below). (one CD works with both Mac and PC). There's no program to install and nothing new to learn; just open the files like you would any other document.

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2. The 276-page design ideabook and how-to guide by Chuck Green (author for Random House, Rockport, and Peachpit publishers; contributor to Before & After, Layers, Dynamic Graphics magazines and others).

“If you need to create winning design and your time is important to you, there is no better investment than Chuck Green's Idea Book. I write copy and create marketing materials for small business, and Chuck's world class layouts have me up and running in minutes instead of hours. I can't recommend this book enough!” Kory Basaraba, Copywriter and Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

All templates are not created equal

The Ideabook templates provide a flexible framework. These are not the rigid "cloned" or "stock" designs that include the identical images, color schemes, and typefaces as everyone else who bought the same template. Chuck is sensitive to a designer needs—when he creates a template, he does his best to keep it clean and simple—good enough to use as is and ideal for another designer to pick up and run with.

Ideabook templates include all the informational parts and pieces: page-by-page layouts, dimensions, folds, margins, columns, gutters, guides, and placeholders for text and graphics (an excellent reminder of what to include).

Each InDesign Ideabook includes 25 YEARS worth of monthly calendars in three different layouts—an additional 900 pages of information.

All but the most simple Ideabook templates include a comprehensive palette of styles. You simply click on a paragraph, select a style, and voila, all the formatting is applied automatically: font names and sizes, indents and spacing, rules and tabs, and so on. It is certainly InDesign's single most powerful feature.

And don't forget the “idea” part. The book and templates are jam-packed with creative and intelligent ideas for making run-of-the-mill documents new again and for inventing marketing and promotional materials you may not have even thought of.

chuck green indesign ideabookChuck Green is the author of design books published by Random House, Peachpit Press, and Rockport; and a contributor, past and present, to magazines such as Before & After, InDesign, Layers, Dynamic Graphics, and Home Office Computing. His firm, Logic Arts, has designed and produced branding, collateral, Web sites, annual reports, and advertising for a long list of clients.

Can you afford to hire a professional assistant for 20 cents an hour?

ideabook templates highlighterEven if it took just one hour to layout each of the 300-plus ideabook documents (and many took substantially more), your cost represents less than 20 cents per hour. You pay under $60 for a permanent cache of intelligent documents and priceless ideas.

A collection this large and comprehensive provides literally hundreds of hours of setup and formatting you need not repeat. With your images and color choices—expect results like this:

Ideabook templates: full color examples

But isn't using a template like stealing someone else's idea?

Don't confuse The InDesign Ideabook templates with the type of boilerplate layouts that include actual artwork and photographs--that is is not what we would call a template. The ideabook provides a detailed framework for finishing, not a rigid, finished design. The templates are clean and simple—good enough to use as is and ideal for another designer to pick up and run with.

About The Desktop Publishers Idea BookWhy can't I download it now?

The InDesign Ideabook is a long term solution to a many short term problems. When you receive it, you'll see why we want you to have both the disc AND the book. The book includes both visual and text indexes of all of the documents plus chapters on Turning Ideas Into Results, Adding the Professional Touches, and Using the InDesign Ideabook CD-ROM. We think you'll agree that being able to lean back in your chair and browse the collection is well worth the wait. If you have an imminent deadline you can request overnight shipment when you check out.

Here's what people who have used The InDesign Ideabook have to say:

“1,000 thank yous for publishing The InDesign Ideabook. I have only used it three times so far, and already it has paid for itself several times over in time savings alone. It is an extraordinary value and incredibly useful.” Bill Even

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful book and CD for InDesign! I've had it two days at work and already used four layouts.” Olov Nylander

“These files provide the framework you need to succeed.” Roger C. Parker, Author, Looking Good in Print

“Chuck's books on graphic design are THE best. Now he is making his designs available to readers in template format...All I have to say is "Wow!"” Lee Silber, Author, Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain: Creative Ways To Get Organized

“Great product to help get the creative juices flowing when you're in a crunch!” TG, West Palm Beach, Florida

Reviews of ideabook templates by the expertsAnd how it helps you be more productive: “I really love the ideabook and template CD! I've already used four templates since I got it. I'm certain that projects I've chosen are going to help with increasing our sales and retaining customers.” Tom Sybert, manufacturer of electronic components, Harwood Heights, Illinois

Our guarantee is simple and complete

If, for any reason, you are not completely happy, return the book within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping—no questions asked. How can we afford to do that? Because of all the copies that have been sold, we can count the number that have been returned on two hands. Thousands sold and less than ten returned—if you've ever sold a product you know that is virtually unheard of.

Bottom line: Is it worth the money?

The InDesign Ideabook is a unique product. As you are probably already painfully aware, there are plenty of free templates on the internet but none that represent such a broad cross-section of subject matter, meticulously formatted by one set of eyes.

ideabook templates highlighterFor less than the cost of hiring a designer for a single hour, you will enjoy all of the insight and energy of hundreds of hours of work by a designer with decades of practical industry experience.

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