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35,000 professional-quality illustrations for windows for just $49? Take it from someone who has written a book and a fair number of articles about clip art—this collection is worth your serious consideration.

The product is TASK FORCE IMAGE GALLERY, Version 9—an outrageous, best of the rest new clip art collection which features 32,000 original vector illustrations, 3000 Web images, photos, animations, and sounds, and a sleek, smart, image search and edit program, all on one CD-ROM. That's right, 35,000 images on one CD. Doesn't that mean they're tiny little fuzzy files? Nope—this is vector stuff—you can blow it up the size of a barn and it looks good.

New Vision Task Force Clip Art

There are three reasons that make this collection worth ten times its cost: First and foremost, it includes some terrific, professional-quality illustrations. Don't take my word for it, look at the examples shown above and below. Second, it is designed to take full advantage of the Windows environment and Windows software. And third, it includes a broad cross section of images and ideas—you will likely find an image to illustrate just about any print, online, or presentation project you can dream up.

Task Force Image Gallery is perfect for brochures, newsletters, direct mail, flyers, ads, signage, packaging, presentations, Webs, and more.

Categories include Business, Creative Arts, Defense, Education, Food, Healthcare, History, Industry, Science, Technology, Transportation, and many more.

New Vision Task Force Clip Art

Created in an ideal file format for use with the Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher, Corel WordPerfect, QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, and Adobe InDesign.

The Windows Metafile Format (WMF) is an excellent environment in which to create graphics and the primary reason this collection is available on the PC and not the Macintosh. WMF files contain lots of detail and color but the file sizes are very small. No discrimination intended against Mac users mind you, there is simply not a comparable format on the Mac—nothing that would allow Task Force's creator to deliver it on less than five or ten discs.

New Vision Task Force Clip ArtVector images are versatile because they are created using geometric objects—lines, ovals, and rectangles. The file stores information about the size, location, and color of each object so when you resize the image, the computer recalculates the line weights, position, fill, and so on, and outputs the image using the highest resolution your output device can produce. In plain English, that means whether you use the image the size of a postage stamp or the size of a mailbox, the quality is stunning.

And, if you have a program for editing WMF files such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, or even Word's simple Picture Editor, you can dissect images as shown below by adding or removing parts, re-color them, flipping, rotating, and re-shaping them. (By the way, the lines through the example images are to discourage the copyright- challenged from copying them—your images, of course, won't have the lines.)

New Vision Task Force Clip Art

As if all that weren't enough, Task Force Image Gallery includes its own sleek, smart image search and editing program: ImageCOMMANDER.

ImageCOMMANDER is an elegantly simple search and edit program. If you design for a living you will recognize the value of the search feature immediately. I have hundreds of thousands of images in my library but they are so poorly indexed it is near impossible to find anything fast. This collection is extremely well indexed and search-friendly—you enter a keyword, (in the case of the example below, “hands”), and voilá—up comes every related image.

New Vision Task Force Clip Art

Once you have identified an image the COMMANDER makes it easy to find others like it (below), not only a similar subject but a similar illustration style.

ImageCOMMANDER's easy-to-use editing features allow you to view thumbnails, mirror, rotate, and even change the colors of any graphic. Below, from left to right, you see the original wheelbarrow, a gray tone version, a black and white version, and a negative version—all created with the click of one button. Need images for the Web? No problem—you can apply special effects such as drop shadows, swirls and edge treatments, zoom and crop custom shapes, add text, buttonize, and output graphics to virtually any size, with no appreciable loss in resolution or image quality.

New Vision Task Force Clip Art

FROM CHUCK  In addition to a diversity of categories, the collection includes a wide variety of illustration styles. To be honest, like any other large clip art collection, there is stuff I probably will not use—personal tastes differ. But this collection includes an arsenal of literally thousands of illustrations many of which appear to have taken hours to conceive and execute. For this price, with these features, it is the most useful clip art collection that I've seen. You'll be pleased with its depth and quality.

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